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Iran electromotor Industries Company with the brand of khazar fan, has been the most accredited manufacturer of different fan types and corresponding fan electro motors in this industry since 1349. It has always been the industry leader in the country with its innovations The company has been comprised of skilled and experienced specialists and experts and also the R&D department. The company is proud to be the first company in this field to receive the national standard, ISO standard and European CE that indicate the quality of the products.

Quality products at reasonable prices have made the reputation and popularity of the company's products beyond the borders of the country. Exporting the large volume of products created in 12 countries will be another indication of the quality of its products.

Each products of this company has the guarantee certification according to type of product. In these documents the contradict parts to the guarantee condition are mentioned. It’s recommended to study the guarantee the documents precisely. Using proper of the product is first and main reason of its guarantee.